About Us

Cart Kingz is the world's premier auto checkout service for sneakers, shoes, and apparel.  Popular releases are becoming harder and harder to score because more and more people are using bots to purchase the items before you have a chance.  By purchasing an auto-checkout service from Cart Kingz, you will never have to worry about missing another limited sneaker release.  We will utilize our ultra fast servers, world class proxies, and our sophisticated carting techniques to score you your favorite releases of the year.  By running your information on multiple websites, we increase your odds of being able to cop immensely.  When we are able to secure you multiple pairs of your desired item, you are still only charged one auto checkout fee.  Quit taking L's and secure your slot today!  Cart Kingz guarantees success, or you will automatically receive a FULL refund for your slot.  We don't believe you should be charged unless your item is secured, which is why we offer our 100% worry free guarantee.  Cart Kingz also takes the privacy of your personal information very seriously.  We only store your information in an encrypted state on a secure server until launch day.  Once the orders are processed, we immediately remove your personal info, and do not retain it for any reason.